Jutt Yar Day-Attitude Status for Boys in Punjabi Whatsapp

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Most of the girls show attitude meanwhile Attitude Status for Boys as a mode of defense or to keep the goofy guys away. They feel if they are sweet or nice, they might be taken for granted or be taken advantage of.

As a boy, all you have to do be respectful, polite and gentle and make a sensible conversation. If you feel she’s still in the air, walk away.
If she open, then you’ll know that arrogant looking girl is maybe an introvert who just appears to be full of attitude.

Takes Patience though. Period.

Being single in my life and dealing with all kinds of rejections from different girls.
I put my heart into has thought me one thing, DON’T BE A DOORMAT FOR A GIRL WITH ATTITUDE.

See these kinds of girls are used to getting soo much attention from men, that they take that stuff for granted.

When you don’t give her the attention she usually gets from average guys, she’d either have 2 options:

1-Keep on with her regular life, while you keep on with yours and look for someone else.
2-Try to be the attention seeker, probably by starting a conversation. Where you have the chance to talk to her(while still maintaining confidence).

Either way, her attitude won’t have anything to do with you at that point, you stick to your pride without apologizing for it and find someone who’d at least respond to you better.

It’s better to remain single than go for someone that can take you for granted, hence why my relationship experience or lack of didn’t stop me from answering your question.

If special someone is showing you the attitude, it means the person is treating you as inferior or wants your attention.

Here you go:

Completely ignore that person.
Have your own attitude
If you are pinched while talking with her.
You don’t even recognize those taunts and pinches. Behave like these are kids things and you are above all those.

Don’t try to appease at least for a few days or even a month.
Let her feel alone in your common circle. Such should be your behavior with others in the circle.

Let the steam fly off and converse sweetly with some unavoidable genuine reason.
If this doesn’t work, wear your shoes and kick her out as hard as you can.

Simple. You don’t.

Believe me, soon enough she’ll be the one after you. Then you’re going to have to pretend to be oblivious and this is going to drive her crazy.

I’m imagining the same scenario for one of my friends. 😀

Well, have fun.


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