Mad Ho Gya Pura College- Girl Attitude Status-Whatsapp Status

Mad Ho Gya Pura College- Girl Attitude Status-Whatsapp Status
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I mention girl attitude status is best. Being the best most beautiful girl, intelligent or just having high self-esteem.

Intelligibly she might be immature if she has too much attitude and she will fall for the sparkle and glitters. Make Girl Attitude Status and enjoy your life.

She Shows Attitude
Start begging her to listen to you or send a stream of texts. Or something similar. Don’t do anything about that.
Leave her be.
it is not simply talking to a girl having too much attitude. You impress you want to talk to her to make her fall for you. You have to bring plan steps as one wrong step and she will go.

Send a text the next morning along the lines. I thought you were not in a mood to talk to anyone I left.
Give her some time. If she ignores. She’s not worth your time. Move on.

I like you to think for a minute you want a serious and committed relationship or just a fling.

If you want the former, go ahead and read the answer. You may want to break her heart, please stop right now.

Girls don’t deserve to be in a relationship with a guy who can’t be loyal to them. You would not want any guy to hurt your sister or daughter.

Normally, With attitude do not like people “showing back” the same attitude :)!

Having said that people with “attitude” can be very kind as well, providing someone takes time to transform them.

You may make of Girl Attitude Status at your Whatsapp and impress her.

Steps would be:
a – Let’s go: Behind that decision to come closer should be theirs! This is the actual art 🙂
b – Get loved: Maybe to do something which makes them feel you are kind-hearted

c – Get notice: Maybe use the same attitude against them.

d – Get hated: Do something to create as much hate, are on their top-of-mind-recall always.

By not giving her any attention. The spread rumor, you like her pretend you don’t care and you have no interest in her.

She will fall into your home and give you attention.

Just curiosity, why you want to impress her?

PS keep me updated. I have the interest to know what happens next.

you have to know first what she likes. these types of girls who have an attitude want what they like.

Mad Ho Gya Pura College-Girl Attitude Status

She shows attitude., When she does that, you might go weak. And start begging her to listen to you or send a stream of texts. Or something similar. Don’t do anything about that.

Their friends’ classmates’ likes it’s the first step to know her hobbies.
After the hobbies step, make her hobbies yous too. and ask her questions related to her hobbies intensionally. After this step, she will give you a better response as a comparison.

Try to make them feel her what’s the importance of her for you. Always make the gap between her friends without doing backbiting doesn’t compliment her.

Don’t pressure for call chat she doesn’t want. After close her chapter for two weeks from our side. If regularly she calling u and sending messages to you means you did what u wanted all the best.

You should be nice to her, polite to her, smile at her often. Treat her nicely if she makes fun of you or try to provoke you. Stay calm, smile, leave her after 4-5 months, ignore her completely.
Most probably, She will realize you worth and come back to you.

With bad her attitude, she has no friends. Do some bike stands, maybe a trick or two with football, a fight, or better show your attitude.